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NYC SHOW! [10/05/07, 11:50AM]

Hey guys! I have a HUGE favor to ask of you all.

Are any of you fans from NYC?! Do you know any of the local publications/press that would be interested in TWT's music? If you do, can you email me their website/address/email/contact to Kodicals@aol.com?? Thanks!! Kodi
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[06/17/07, 2:38PM]

This community hasn't been updated in forever, but I saw The Working Title last night and got "Weigh Me Down" on video :) If livejournal doesn't let you view youtube vids, you can watch it here!

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is anyone here?? [02/16/07, 2:25AM]

Chris Ginn is no longer a part of The Working Title.

he's going to be a teacher.

The new bass player is a delightful character named Chris Gingrich.

I (We) will miss Chris Ginn immensely and The Working Title will never be the same unless it's Joel, Ross, Chris and Adam because it's been that way for four years...but at least someone in their twenties has figured out what they truly want to do...

hahaha best (drunk)Chris quote ever: "Jenna, am I your favorite musician of all time?"

I am sleepy. Goodnight.
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:( [12/11/06, 2:25PM]

no more chris?
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hometown show! yay! [12/06/06, 3:19PM]

[ mood | chipper ]

get your ass there!
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Post Gazette Pavillion [09/19/06, 10:28AM]


More photos here...
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excluuusive! [09/18/06, 6:11PM]

Exclusive interview with Chris on the press page of THE WORKING TITLE ONLINE!

Check it out. :)
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[08/13/06, 11:41AM]

my friend sarah just called.
verizon wireless has the mary getaway as a ringtone.
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last.fm [07/28/06, 2:23PM]

if anyone uses last.fm, i created a the working title group, if you would like to join.
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help help heeelp. [07/27/06, 2:31PM]


please contribute anything.
live photos.
promo photos. (new and old.)
band faq/information.
media. (if you have any icons you made or wallpapers.)
anything, anything, anything.

the website is so bare now, please help out.

you can reply back to this post, get ahold of me on myspace (http://myspace.com/veronicadearest), IM me on AOL (but its slippy) or email me at twt@e-freshmusic.com.

thanks so much!
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[07/27/06, 11:13AM]

i just wanted to say i <3 twt.

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help out [07/26/06, 9:26PM]

the working title online is relaunching very shortly. does anyone have any live photos, interviews, or anything they'd like to contribute?
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[07/23/06, 10:59AM]

2 Things.

Does anyone know where I can find the lyrics for About-Face online? I bought the CD off iTunes, but I'm sortof a lyrics freak...Maybe I'll go buy the real CD too.

Also...Whatever happened to "Curtain" and "Falling From the Start"? They were both up at different points but never made it to a CD, I think they played curtain live too...It was such a good song. :-(
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Has anyone seen the jcpenny commercial with okgo in it? The first few times I saw it I was too excited and suprised to see okgo actually in the commercial to notice anything else. But i just saw it again and I swear the poster next to okgo was this picture:

someone please look next time and tell me i'm not seeing things.

the new record is amazing, btw.
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[07/21/06, 2:15PM]

[ mood | amused ]

I was searching for album art to put in my iTunes and I found this. This is old, but a pretty funny review. Enjoy.


PS- is anyone beside me and cranberrykitty waiting on their preordered CD from Tower Record?

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[07/20/06, 10:14PM]

this is the setlist from the cd release show along with a review in charleston's paper, thanks to cranberrykitty

something she said
there is none
about face
nothing less radiant
thoughts on love's mishaps
this is not glorious
Human Behavior [Bjork cover]
beloved ♥

under the ground
the mary getaway

"The Working Title has always enjoyed a strong following in Charleston, and now with a new major label release, the group has a chance to be heard nationally. It helps that the band has a charismatic frontman. Joel Hamilton, who Tuesday night seemed to be going with a pirate ensemble of striped shirt and trousers rolled up to the knees, is the sort of lead singer who gets physically into his music. By this I mean that at various times, Hamilton could be seen vaulting off the drum riser, spinning wildly, embracing other band members mid-song, and singing so passionately that one might think the guy's head would explode. The energy expended by this guy is amazing to behold, and the rest of the band isn't exactly standing around looking at their shoelaces, either. It is immediately evident why these guy were signed. If I was a record exec experiencing the band for the first time in a manner similar to Tuesday night's show, I would be blown away. And that's the way much of the crowd at The Plex seemed to be."
--from the preview section of the post and courier today.
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pictures from the cd release show! [07/20/06, 8:31PM]

[ mood | cold ]

more hereCollapse )
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[07/20/06, 6:55PM]

i forgot to mention that the video for the mary getaway is available for your viewing pleasure.

i love it. i love that it's an actual concept and doesn't have that home video/live shots thing that so many bands use for their first videos.

well done!
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[07/20/06, 1:44PM]


joel breaks down each track.
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just a thought but.... [07/20/06, 11:11AM]

I say when this bands blows up (not if), we should designate a show that we all go to and jam together to celebrate the success! Now wouldn't that be an awesome time? Plus I wouldn't look like such an idiot being the only one dancing :)
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