Jenna (miss_so_unknown) wrote in theworkingtitle,

is anyone here??

Chris Ginn is no longer a part of The Working Title.

he's going to be a teacher.

The new bass player is a delightful character named Chris Gingrich.

I (We) will miss Chris Ginn immensely and The Working Title will never be the same unless it's Joel, Ross, Chris and Adam because it's been that way for four years...but at least someone in their twenties has figured out what they truly want to do...

hahaha best (drunk)Chris quote ever: "Jenna, am I your favorite musician of all time?"

I am sleepy. Goodnight.
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yea, The Working Title informed us of this loss awhile ago. I was so sad to hear! Chris was the one I spoke with often when I attended their concerts.. and I have a picture with him that I will always cherish :)

I'm glad this isn't the end though... I can't wait to witness what will happen next! I love these guys.
is that really the name of the new bass player?


April 6 2007, 14:12:25 UTC 9 years ago

yup. but he is nothing like chris ginn. (not in a bad way. they're just totally different.) for some reason i think i expected them to be kind of alike. ha. perhaps i am crazy.

p.s. how's cola treating you these days?
that is sad.
i also should post pictures from his last show
johnny let me up in front so i could take them
there's hundreds. and i have ones from backstage too
ok i'll stop being lazy soon.
chris leaving was really sad.

but hahaha
what the hell are the odds of them finding a bass player with a name so similar to the originals?

...apparently pretty great, i guess.

i still find it funny.