yo matt, remember Kathrine? (cranberrykitty) wrote in theworkingtitle,
yo matt, remember Kathrine?

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pictures from the cd release show!

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yay! excellent photos! would you mind posting the setlist?

something she said
there is none
about face
nothing less radiant
thoughts on love's mishaps
this is not glorious
Human Behavior [Bjork cover]
beloved ♥

under the ground
the mary getaway

"The Working Title has always enjoyed a strong following in Charleston, and now with a new major label release, the group has a chance to be heard nationally. It helps that the band has a charismatic frontman. Joel Hamilton, who Tuesday night seemed to be going with a pirate ensemble of striped shirt and trousers rolled up to the knees, is the sort of lead singer who gets physically into his music. By this I mean that at various times, Hamilton could be seen vaulting off the drum riser, spinning wildly, embracing other band members mid-song, and singing so passionately that one might think the guy's head would explode. The energy expended by this guy is amazing to behold, and the rest of the band isn't exactly standing around looking at their shoelaces, either. It is immediately evident why these guy were signed. If I was a record exec experiencing the band for the first time in a manner similar to Tuesday night's show, I would be blown away. And that's the way much of the crowd at The Plex seemed to be."
--from the preview section of the post and courier today. i read it online
I'm going to say it again... his ring looks like a butt!

And all your best friends weren't front and center with you! :(
I was stuck behind the 9 ft tall guys about 5 people back. Lame!
But I still got to hang backstage! Yay! ;)